Selecting the best roof system for a project requires close consultation with the client's objectives and each city requirements. Many cities are enforcing California Energy Law (Title 24) which requires roofing procedures and products to substantially reduce the heat gain of conditioned buildings and or spaces. We recommend High Performance Single Ply Roofing material which exceed these requirements. Many Single Ply Systems gains strength as it ages and is one of the best reflective materials available. You can visit a roof in a summer desert and the single ply light colored roof surface is still cool to the touch.

Another major factor in determining the best roof system is surveying the conditioning  equipment to determine the building's pressure influence on the roofs ability to maintain it's connection to the structure. Many roofs have lifted from it's deck due to building pressure.  High wind areas need additional considerations for potential roof damage caused by the wind's vacuum effect. Non conditioned building spaces may allow for more traditional build up systems. Build up systems are generally chosen based on the original structural deck construction. There are no painted coatings on Single Ply. Most systems come in bright reflective light colors unless specified for a decorative darker color roof.

Roofs completed with Single Ply Systems in 1970s are still providing excellent
leak proof performance and show no sign of deterioration or need of repair.

Roofing Systems (Please click on links below to view Systems)

Single Ply System

Mechanically Fastened: TPO, PVC, HYPALON

Whether it's a new roof or a re roofing project, provides years of warranted protection with easy installation.
On new roofs, our trained and manufacture certified applicators simply lay out and fasten the insulation board, roll
on the roofing membranes made with single ply, fasten with approved fasteners weld the seams, and the
installation is complete. Roofing membranes made with single ply materials may weighs less than 1/3-pound per
square foot so it is easily installed. Being lightweight, it is an ideal material when re roofing.

Fully Adhered: TPO, PVC, HYPALON

Suitable in any environment and for all geometric building designs. Re roofing membrane made with Single Ply
Systems is 100 percent bonded to the insulation layer, eliminating mechanical fasteners or ballast. Due to the
flexibility of the material, expansion and contraction of the structural deck does not degrade the bond created at

The Fully Adhered System is especially effective in harsh, unpredictable environments, utilizing the integrity of
the roof structure to maintain a tight, leak proof seal.

Vac Roofs Hypalon

Wind can be a roof's biggest enemy. Sudden, strong winds cause tremendous uplift on any roofing material and
threaten the integrity of an installation. The Vac Roof System turns the wind into a powerful tool to hold roofing
systems in place.

Hypalon® is attached at the perimeter of the roof, while channels are created under the expanse of unattached
membrane. At specific intervals, a specially designed, patented Vac Vent is connected to these channels to
vacuum air out. When wind hits these vents, their spinning pulls air from the channels, creating a vacuum under
the roofing material. The stronger the wind, the tighter the roof is pulled down.

Because the roof is attached only at the perimeter, the Vac Roof is ideal for re roofing. Roofs that have moisture
problems can be left intact and the vacuum action of the Vac Roof will actually draw out moist air.

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